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Get Norfolk Greener is a climate action group project by final year UEA students. We are working to help the Norfolk public to make the case for more political action to bring down energy prices; implement energy related and other local solutions to climate change; increase upgrades of homes to be more efficient; improve public access to clean, cheap renewable energy; and speed up the process of freeing the UK from dependence on polluting oil and gas.
Our inspiration is that all politics is local and that in order to realise the Government’s green commitments, the public and our MPs need to engage with and understand climate change problems and solutions at the Constituency and Local Council Level.
This project supports a national campaign by Warm This Winter, asking all MPs to sign a pledge on climate action. Warm This Winter is a coalition of 40 organisations calling on politicians to better address all the issues mentioned above. We will aim to contact Norfolk’s MPs, and look at what action is being taken by Norfolk’s District, City, and County Councils.

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4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. My Grandson is a part of this wonderful group of students working to make Norfolk a nicer place to live. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. The affordable energy calculator told me I could save over a thousand pounds! As a student at the UEA, this would really help relieve the financial pressures during my studies. I’d urge everyone to contact their MPs and get them to sign the pledge!!

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